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Stipulation & CV

Laurel Starks is a recognized expert in divorce real estate, often regarded by her peers as the pioneer of the niche. As an active Realtor for more than 15 years, she has maintained her status as a Top 1% Realtor in the nation for the past decade. 


Ms. Starks is an experienced expert witness and trained neutral in family law cases involving real estate matters. In addition to facilitating the sale of real property, she advises, consults, and testifies in complex cases, and provides fair market valuations, including those for Moore Marsden calculations. 

Recognizing the uniqueness of listing properties in divorce, Ms. Starks formulated a specialized approach to the divorce listing process that anticipates, prevents, and mitigates conflict, thereby streamlining efficiency and maximizing the value of properties she sells through her role as a neutral listing agent.

The published author of The House Matters in Divorce, Ms. Starks is also a speaker and writer for state and national family law and real estate organizations. In fact, she is founder of the certification for divorce real estate experts (CDRE™), the program that trains, mentors, and standardizes the role of divorce real estate experts nationwide.

CV & Stipulation

MCLE Learning Center 


What:  Virtual MCLEs on a broad range of topics for family law attorneys 

When: 4th Wednesday of every month
           12 p.m.-1:15 p.m. PT
           Runs January through October

Where: Online

Who: Hosted by Laurel Starks' national training organization, the Ilumni® Institute 

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   - Lunch & Learn -
MCLE Seminars

What:  Laurel Starks' CA State Bar-approved MCLE Series on real property matters in divorce

When: 1-2 hours, at your convenience

Where: Your choice: online via Zoom, in your office, or at Red Hill Country Club

Who: Designed to educate your entire office; presented by Laurel Starks 

Contact Us: 

(909) 945-0609


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Fillabl Form Library

Fillable Form Library

Success Stories 

"I have been in courts and her name's come up. The judges and the judicial officers know her, and the attorneys in the area know her reputation and her knowledge. To have her on your team to sell the house is a huge advantage."

Robert Kochis 

Family Law Attorney

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