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About SRG

A Team with Purpose: We Got Your Back

About Starks Realty Group

Starks Realty Group is a purpose-driven team dedicated to empowering homeowners going through divorce. Led by Laurel Starks, court-appointed Realtor and founder of the Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert (CDRE™) certification, SRG lives and breathes in the divorce real estate landscape. 

We know our clients are dealing with the most complex financial and emotional transactions of their lives. We believe handling these transactions with expertise, neutrality, consistent communication, and empathy has a profound effect on our clients’ ability to start their next chapter and unlock their new normal.

We have our clients’ backs — even when they don’t know it or can’t see it. We know they are fighting another fight (whatever that may look like) as they transition out of their marriage. We are committed to advocating for our clients to maximize the value of their homes — not just for the here and now, but for their futures.

Meet The Team


Laurel Starks


Divorce Listing Expert


Kimberly Neugart

Listing Associate

Meet the Team
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Bob Miller

Field Services Agent

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Jamie Lina

Transaction Coordinator

Code of Ethics

A Court-Appointed Realtor is an active Realtor who has an expanded duty to the Court, over and above their fiduciary duty defined by California’s Civil Code and the ethical standards set forth by the National Association of Realtors.

Sometimes, the Court will appoint a Realtor in a family law case to list and sell the property as the Court’s Expert under Evidence Code §730.

Laurel Starks was the pioneer of the role of a Court-Appointed Realtor. She has created her own Stipulation for Appointment and a Code of Ethics for her own practice that she abides by when she is Court Appointed.

  • Neutrality
SRG is an independent third party with no vested interest in the outcome for either side.
  • Transparency
We are completely transparent about the listing and sales process and all matters that impact the sale.
  • Confidentiality
We fiercely protect all private information that does not impact the sale (such as phone numbers, email addresses, schedules, or personal circumstances that arise).
  • Restraining Order
We maintain protocols for restrained out-spouses who request access to the property.
  • No Dual Agency
We do not engage in dual agency, which means that we do not represent buyers in our listings. Our duty will be to the seller(s) only.
  • No Kickbacks
SRG does not provide referral fees or kickbacks to attorneys representing our clients.
  • Arm’s Length Transaction
We'll never have a vested interest in the buyer or the buyer’s agent, and will not buy the listing for personal or investment purposes. Further, we will not represent one party in another transaction during the listing and sales process.
  • Client First
The best interest of the family is always more important than the sale itself.
Code of Ethics
Laurel's Resume and CV
Laurel Starks Headshot.jpg

Laurel Starks's
Resume Packet

Laurel Starks is a recognized expert in divorce real estate, often regarded by her peers as the pioneer of the niche. As an active Realtor for more than 15 years, she has maintained her status as a Top 1% Realtor in the nation for the past decade. 


Ms. Starks is an experienced expert witness and trained neutral in family law cases involving real estate matters. In addition to facilitating the sale of real property, she advises, consults, and testifies in complex cases, and provides fair market valuations, including those for Moore Marsden calculations. 

Recognizing the uniqueness of listing properties in divorce, Ms. Starks formulated a specialized approach to the divorce listing process that anticipates, prevents, and mitigates conflict, thereby streamlining efficiency and maximizing the value of properties she sells through her role as a neutral listing agent.

The published author of The House Matters in Divorce, Ms. Starks is also a speaker and writer for state and national family law and real estate organizations. In fact, she is founder of the certification for divorce real estate experts (CDRE™), the program that trains, mentors, and standardizes the role of divorce real estate experts nationwide.

SRG Success Stories

Success Stories
SRG Faqs

"I have been in courts and her name's come up. The judges and the judicial officers know her, and the attorneys in the area know her reputation and her knowledge. To have her on your team to sell the house is a huge advantage."

Robert Kochis 

Family Law Attorney


Everything you need to know about working with us

We get it. You have so many questions when it comes to choosing a Realtor to work with, especially if you’re going through a divorce. Below are questions our clients have asked in the past. If you have any other questions we haven’t included below, or need clarification on how we can work with you, we’re happy to answer! Schedule a call and we’ll get it sorted out.

  • Why do you specialize in real estate matters in divorce cases?
    One’s ability to recover from the impact of divorce is directly related to the decisions made and actions taken during the process itself. When Laurel Starks worked in her first divorce transaction, she quickly realized that it required a different skillset and knowledge that a typical listing did not. As she gained experience case by case, she also learned that many mistakes were made by nearly everyone involved in a family law case and it cost clients dearly. Over the years, she made it her mission to mitigate the damage caused by misinformation and bad practices. She developed a tailored approach to the divorce listing process that is based on neutrality, communication, and empowering divorcing spouses to make sound decisions that will set them up for a faster road to recovery.
  • What do you charge?
    SRG’s does not charge a premium or additional fees for our services. In fact, our rates are very competitive and can be based on a sliding scale, depending on the dynamics of the case.
  • How is working with you different than working with a non-specialist?
    By having more experience in divorce listings than probably any other agent in the country, we often identify problems a mile ahead. Very simple things like our intake process and showing coordination keeps a listing on its tracks, whereas applying regular listing practices almost always inflame and delay a situation.
  • Are you certified?
    After 12 years working in the divorce real estate field, Laurel decided to take what all she’d learned and share it with other Realtors throughout the country. So in 2018, she launched the Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert (CDRE™) program, the most stringent and comprehensive designation in the industry. Therefore, Laurel is not certified, rather, she is the creator and founder of the certification.
  • Will I have to speak with my ex during the process?
    That is up to you. Working with our office, we assume there is no communication between you, so it is not necessary. We communicate with each of you separately, ensuring you have the space to be transparent and heard, while keeping you both equally informed about the process, the status, and what to expect in the next step.
  • Do you communicate with my attorney?
    Yes. We know that good communication means efficiency and can keep fees under control. There are five points in time that we email the attorneys in the case so that they’re aware of what’s going on, including sharing a copy of the closing statement and ensuring that we have the most current court order. Our intent is to keep attorney involvement to a bare minimum; however we do reach out when we need clarification on something, or if, despite our best efforts, we reach an impasse.
  • What if there is a restraining order?
    We take every measure necessary to ensure that you and your ex will not be together throughout the process and restraining orders are not violated.
  • How will you market my home?
    It all begins with making your house look its best, and we do this through a market specific analysis, project coordination, staging, and professional photography. We then launch a marketing campaign that includes social media, strategic syndication to consumer sites (such as Zillow and Redfin) including international platforms, agent-to-agent connections, open houses, and when appropriate, cash investors.
  • Do you have cash investors that can buy my house as-is?
    We do. There are some instances where time is of the essence and it makes sense to sell to an investor, especially if the house is in such disrepair that it will not qualify for financing or it is facing imminent foreclosure. We’ve got long-standing relationships with very reputable investors if we need to call upon them.
  • Do you have a minimum or maximum price point you require?
    No. Since we serve those going through divorce, we are appointed to all types of cases that go through the court system. We have listed homes from those that are uninhabitable, to luxury homes in the Inland Empire’s most elite neighborhoods, and everything in between. All require a unique approach, and our broad experience can accommodate any and all neighborhoods.
  • Do you list vacant land or commercial properties?
    Yes. We have a commercial affiliate who we co-list vacant land and commercial properties with.
  • Will you help me find a rental house?
    Yes. Our office has a department who handles securing rental properties for our clients. They will assist with preparing a strong application, searching for properties both on and off the market, setting up tours, ensuring the listing is not fraudulent or in foreclosure, and will coordinate movers or other services you may need.
  • Will you help me find a house to buy?
    Yes. We partner with a lender who holds a special designation, Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP®), and they will assist you in making sure you are in a position to obtain a loan, and explain all of your options to you. Once you are ready, we will connect you with one of the agents in our office who will represent you in the purchase of your new home!
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